Local Band Sang Bleu’s Self-titled EP Slays

photo by: Corlene ByrdPhoto credit: Corlene Byrd

Ladies That Rock

Sang Bleu is the all-ladies band that Las Vegas has been waiting for. The band consists of six members: Maggie Leon (lead vocals), Sulayla Arnett, Stephanie Fuchs, Elizabeth Scheib, Karli Stenger and Jennifer Gerena. According to Leslie Ventura at the Weekly, they sound like a mix between Le Tigre and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Le Tigre is definitely an influence you can hear from their heavy guitar riffs choked full with distortion. When I hear the song “Savages” it automatically reminds me of Le Tigre’s self-titled album. Have a listen to Le Tigre’s guitar sound on “The The Empty” and Sang Bleu’s guitar on their track, ”Savages”.

A Diverse Sound

All bands have their influences somewhere, but after you listen to Sang Bleu’s three-track EP, they are pulling influences from everywhere. Not only that, they even have an entire track that is sung in Spanish. In the song “Le Ventana” the ladies slow down the pace with a beautifully somber melody. With their last track they bring out an eerie vibe coupled with an intense beating drum, haunting coos, and a xylophone to tie it all together. The last song “Blood Diamond” is reminiscent of a nursery rhyme with an added witchy spell to go along with it–dark and disturbing, just like nursery rhymes! This track also transitions into another song called “Pretty White Boy” which makes a full circle back into their fast paced rhythms and distorted guitar riffs heard on their first track.

Where To Find Them

The ladies have been known to play many of the venues in downtown Las Vegas. Most recently, they played a beautiful set at The Velveteen Rabbit where colorful projections  blanketed their performance. Follow Sang Bleu on their their social media outlets to listen to more or find out where you can catch them next! Down below is a short podcast dedicated to the rockin’ ladies. Have a listen!

Intro music by: Ben Sound

10 thoughts on “Local Band Sang Bleu’s Self-titled EP Slays

  1. tommied

    The band has a really great sound. I really enjoyed listening. Music is always a great topic and so enjoyable. Thank you for adding the part on where to find them. That is always such an issue with local bands or bands that are widely known. It becomes such a hassle to find them. Awesome post.


  2. biancam


    Great topic! This was a very creative topic and I liked that you chose to do it on music which is great for a podcast. It was also cool that you focused attention on up and coming artist. I enjoyed the song you included. Good job!



  3. katherinem

    Wow it’s nice to see more female bands…..and what a delight that they sing one of their songs in Spanish. Their look reminds me of bands of yesteryear like the Go Gos from the 80’s. Great topic. Good music. Thanks 🙂
    Kat 🙂


  4. alexandras

    I really enjoyed your blog post it’s not the typical music I listen to but I really enjoyed the sound. I love that it’s all ladies I’m all for girl power.


  5. hayleyc

    Hi Norma,

    I loved the topic of this post! I love finding indie bands that haven’t been discovered yet! I really enjoyed the clip of your music you posted! You also have a great voice for podcasts! You were so calm and clear. It was relaxing and really interesting to listen to! Thanks for another great post!



  6. nikkid

    Hey Norma!
    As always, great post. I really like your originality on this post and opening my eyes to a band that I have never hear of. I liked the way your podcast flowed and it was really easy to listen to. I’ll definitely be keeping this band in mind, thanks.


  7. Olga Vizcarra

    UMM WHAT?!

    Norma, you did such a great job. Your voice is PERFECT for podcasts. I loved the composition of your podcast. It sounded so professional and like you’ve been doing this forever. I loved the radio effect you had going with your podcast playing music. Your audio was very clear and soothing.


  8. Jesse Granger

    Great topic, and I loved the background music. Really makes me wish I used back ground music in my podcast. Before I listened to yours I thought mine sounded fine without it, but now that I’ve heard this one mine sounds awkwardly silent.

    Very good job. It sounded professional.


  9. mariel

    Great topic! loved how you gave a sample of their music in your podcast. You have a nice clear voice for podcast and I liked the music you choose to play in the background.


  10. Karla Magno

    Hi Norma Jean,

    I really loved the overall feel of your podcast; it was very authentic! Great job putting in that sound clip as well. I am a huge fan of all-female fans, and I am looking forward to checking out Sang Bleu’s other songs.



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