Battling the Vegas Heat, One Cocktail at a Time

Summer Fun Cocktail

Las Vegas’ notorious 100 plus degree weather has arrived, but that only means that it’s time to hit the pool. I’ve picked out the perfect poolside cocktail that has the right amount of sweetness and electrolytes to keep you hydrated and in party-mode.

A Mojito with a Twist

Melissa d’Arbian from the Food Network makes a simple cocktail that transforms a normal minty mojito into a drink made by the Gods. By adding raspberries, pineapple juice and coconut water, d’Arbian has constructed a magical summer time cocktail appropriate for hanging out in the sweltering desert heat. The raspberries and pineapple juice add the right amount of tart and sweetness to the drink, while the coconut water dilutes it just enough. The coconut water is an essential part of the drink because it’s packed with electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Modifications to Step-up the Recipe

While, d’Arbian’s ingredients are the prefect ingredients and ratios to make an amazing summertime cocktail, I decided to step up the “yum” factor by muddling (or mixing) the raspberries and mint together. I made a step-by-step video of how to make the cocktail by improvising with kitchen appliances. Before we get to the video, here is what you’ll need!

Raspberry-Pineapple Mojito

-Pineapple juice (3oz)
-Coconut water (3oz)
-Fozen raspberries (2tbs)
-Fresh mint (3-4 leaves)
-Rum (1oz)

-Cocktail shaker
-Jigger (measures ounces)
-Muddler (to mash raspberries & mint)

If you don’t have these bar tools you can improvise with items you should already have in your kitchen:
-Glass and Coffee mug (that fit snug into each other)
-Shot glass


Finally, here is the video to help guide you to make your own fruity cocktail. I encourage you to experiment with any type of fruits you fancy–not just the one suggested in the video. I hope you try out this recipe and impress all your friends with a drink that will help keep them hydrated and having fun in the sun. Enjoy!

Top 5 Things to see in Downtown Las Vegas


#1: The Neon Lights

Being a native of Las Vegas, neon lights always meant “home” to me in a far deeper way than most. After trying his hand at running a one-hour photo shop, my father laid to rest his photography skills for a different kind of art–neon bending.  My father trained in the art of neon bending before I was even born. He recently worked on the new Slotzilla sign that went up on the Fremont Experience. Here’s a little more insight to the world of neon art, featuring Federal Heath Sign Company for a Leatherman’s commercial. Keep a look out for my dad, he’s featured towards the end of the video.


#2: People Watching

Sometimes an old timer of Las Vegas can get tired of what DTLV has to offer, but you can never get tired of watching the tourists. It’s interesting to observe how wild people can get with Las Vegas having the stigma of being the “city of sin”. To promote this idea even more, movies like, The Hangover have only made the reputation a more acceptable one. Next time you are on the Fremont Experience, grab a drink, pick a spot and watch. There is nothing more fun than watching people lose all inhibition.

#3: Street Performers

From a guitarist shredding it in a man-bikini to breakdancers pulling in a crowd, you can find a cluster of street performers on The Fremont Experience. One of my favorites are the spray paint artists that can make a landscape with scraps of paper and cans of spray paint in under 5 minutes. During my stroll, one of the artists made a custom Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) paintings as a memorable souvenir.

#4: Hustlers in Costumes

Las Vegas has become the Disneyland for adults. Every character imaginable can be found walking down The Strip and The Fremont Experience. While doing my photo project, I got some great candid photos of Spiderman casually talking to Captain America. You can even find Dora the Explorer, Transformers, half-naked women dressed as nuns, etc.

#5: The Flame-throwing Preying Mantis

A new addition to the downtown area is the Container park. A place, where for the first time, families feel safe bringing their kids. The park is equipped with multiple kiddie slides, small restaurants, and a some small shops. My favorite part of the park is the 15-foot tall preying mantis by the entrance. On occasion, the mantis will spew out fire from its antennae.

The Complete DTLV Adventure

Want to see what other outlandish things I saw on my photo adventure? The ladies dressed up as your no-so-average cops were my favorite candid shot. Check out the compete gallery HERE!

Camera Details

Say hello to my new favorite digital camera: the Fujifilm x20. It has the body of a vintage film camera with the technology of a digital camera. All the photos I took used a special night-time setting with no flash. I believe the more authentic you capture the scene, the better.