Body Image Talks: Featuring Sam Roche

BodyTalksThumbnailBODY IMAGE TALKS is a new series that opens the discussion about the struggles of body image.

MeetΒ Sam Roche. An grandeur soul, an open-book and an insane vocalist. Originally from New York, Sam drove across the country to kickstart her music career in Las Vegas with former band, Bitterheart. After the band split up, Sam traveled back to New York, where her story begins. Watch our interview about how Sam suffered 3rd degree burns in the most sensitive parts of her body and her journey to embrace and love her new body.

Through this collaborative project, Sam and I want to spread the message of self-love and also give love and support back to everyone out there struggling with some sort of body image issue(s). I know a lot of us are in the same boat about hating on the way our body looks–constantly comparing it to others and even comparing ourselves to our past “young” bodies.

But honestly, it’s time to say “fuck all that.” This is the year to love your body for what it is. Self-love and self-care is everything. I am learning that. Sam is learning it more and more every day. So, be gentler on yourself. Remember that you are a work-in-progress. And that’s all that matters!


“waking up with permanent damage to most of your body is a very dissociating experience. it is hard for your brain to wrap itself around the fact that this is really happening to you, or that you’re surviving. it continues to be confusing as i watch my skin heal itself- i have been more wounded than i ever imagined AND healed more than i thought possible in the scope of a year.

sharing a photo, allowing people to react to it… helps me process everything i’m going through. it gives me others to relate to instead of being stuck in my head. it makes me feel like my scars are out in the open, instead of a secret i am carrying alone, hidden by clothes.
instead of feeling isolated by my trauma, i have found it has given me opportunities to share conversation about healing, love and acceptance.

i’ve been asked why i am posting images of my naked body online. the worst of the burns were on my vagina. i can’t show the extent of the damage without revealing more of my body than i “might usually” on the internet. i’m giving up some privacy to help myself heal by sharing my story. my hope is that i can also help others feel less alone by being open about my experience

pictures from the hospital are hard for me to look at. there’s no light in my eyes. i couldn’t move. i couldn’t take care of myself. the photos i am sharing now stand in such stark contrast to the person i see looking back on those moments. it’s hard to remember being so weak and defeated. i prefer to share images that show my healing and acceptance.

my body has become a physical symbol of strength i didn’t know i had in me.”


[πŸ’—] Take care of it (inside + out)
[πŸ’—] Exercise (not just to lose weight but for mental health + endorphins)
[πŸ’—] Accept your uniqueness in personality + image
[πŸ’—] Stop comparing: That means stop comparing yourself to your past self and to others.
[πŸ’—] Stop weighing yourself:Β  It isn’t about weight but about health.
[πŸ’—] Take the necessary steps to change it!
[πŸ’—] Set small goals and stick to them.
[πŸ’—] Make those goals realistic.
[πŸ’—] Note: Extreme dieting and exercise usually end up being a short term failure.
[πŸ’—] Listen to Sam’s β€œFeelGood” Playlist:



Battling the Vegas Heat, One Cocktail at a Time

Summer Fun Cocktail

Las Vegas’ notorious 100 plus degree weather has arrived, but that only means that it’s time to hit the pool. I’ve picked out the perfect poolside cocktail that has the right amount of sweetness and electrolytes to keep you hydrated and in party-mode.

A Mojito with a Twist

Melissa d’Arbian from the Food Network makes a simple cocktail that transforms a normal minty mojito into a drink made by the Gods. By adding raspberries, pineapple juice and coconut water, d’Arbian has constructed a magical summer time cocktail appropriate for hanging out in the sweltering desert heat. The raspberries and pineapple juice add the right amount of tart and sweetness to the drink, while the coconut water dilutes it just enough. The coconut water is an essential part of the drink because it’s packed with electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Modifications to Step-up the Recipe

While, d’Arbian’s ingredients are the prefect ingredients and ratios to make an amazing summertime cocktail, I decided to step up the “yum” factor by muddling (or mixing) the raspberries and mint together. I made a step-by-step video of how to make the cocktail by improvising with kitchen appliances. Before we get to the video, here is what you’ll need!

Raspberry-Pineapple Mojito

-Pineapple juice (3oz)
-Coconut water (3oz)
-Fozen raspberries (2tbs)
-Fresh mint (3-4 leaves)
-Rum (1oz)

-Cocktail shaker
-Jigger (measures ounces)
-Muddler (to mash raspberries & mint)

If you don’t have these bar tools you can improvise with items you should already have in your kitchen:
-Glass and Coffee mug (that fit snug into each other)
-Shot glass


Finally, here is the video to help guide you to make your own fruity cocktail. I encourage you to experiment with any type of fruits you fancy–not just the one suggested in the video. I hope you try out this recipe and impress all your friends with a drink that will help keep them hydrated and having fun in the sun. Enjoy!