Double Exposure: Featuring Andi Artigue


Double Exposure is a new collaborative series that features the work of an admired artist along w/ my own photographic work. The first featured artist is Andi (Andrea) Artigue–an amazing photographer native to Las Vegas.

Perspective: Norma Jean
Title: Androgynous Gaze

Most people don’t understand my obsession w/ film but that’s exactly why I was drawn to Andi for this collaborative project. Andi was the girl I met in my first year of black & white photography. Naturally, I grew to admire her work for how intimate, ethereal, and beautiful her captures were. They were memorizing, to say the least.

When I approached Andi about working together, I didn’t realize how much I would take away from the experience. It was a chance to connect. A chance to unload creatively. An opportunity to take the time to craft something amazing with an incredibly beautiful soul.

My biggest takeaway was our meetings for the project, where we had the chance to get to know one another on a deeper level. Sharing intimate stories about family and how we met our boyfriends. All the while geeking out about our love for film.


Photos of Andi:
The focus of the photos is about representing an androgynous beauty; One that breaks the norms of what the media and society classify as feminine beauty. The purpose is to cast a light on gender fluid thinking.

Details: Kodak 200 film | Nikon FM

Perspective: Andi


When Norma Jean and I first met up to discuss our ideas and plans for this shoot, at one point she brought up how she was inspired by a close friend of hers who had recently gone through some hardships. She explained in depth the need she feels to create, and when it’s been too long since she has, she feels as if something is missing.  I saw a few tears form in her eyes as she looked into mine, I cried too. Maybe it was the pot we just smoked or maybe it was two artists connecting knowing exactly how the other felt.

Norma Jean is a visionary who knows what she wants to capture within herself and makes it happen. I flow more with my surroundings and as I look into my viewfinder I wait. I wait for that fleeting moment when my mind tells me now, because of this, we were able to ignite each other.

When she was taking my photograph, after I heard the sound of the shutter there were multiple times I would hear her say “ that is gonna be a good one” I knew exactly what she meant. Our minds crave photography. It’s our passion that at times can be hard to explain. Through that, we get each other. It’s comforting, overwhelming, and lovely to find someone you can share that with. Thank you, Norma Jean.


Details: Kodak Portra | Contax t2 and Fujifilm 400H Pro | Hassleblad 500C/M