Behind the scenes with Armin Bravo


After Armin Bravo and I finished filming a Behind the Scenes interview, we popped into Viva’s Las Arepas where he kicked himself for forgetting to mention the importance of his sobriety. It has been eight months since Bravo had a drop of alcohol. He directly attributes his sobriety to his recent success with his videography and new found passion, photography. “I would drink to get my mind off my back pain and I didn’t want to take pain medication because I thought it would turn me into a drone,” Bravo said. A motorcycle accident he had six years prior kept him in constant pain which led him to alcoholism. He knew he needed to change his ways when he would constantly find himself blacking out. “Alcoholism had me destroying relationships with friends, I was hurting my family and it turned me into a liar,” Bravo said.

From this year alone, Bravo has finished two music videos and nine photo shoot. “The goal is to have four music videos and 20 photo shoots by the end of the year,” Bravo said. Through his new found motivation, Bravo has already picked up countless opportunities to boost his career. Most recently, he photographed Mac DeMarco at the Hard Rock Casino and MSTKRFT at The Bunkhouse on September 2nd.

Check out our interview to get a view into his creative process, learn about his inspirations and see his amazing work.


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